How To Skyrocket YouTube Views


Do you have a YouTube channel and wondering how you can increase videos views on YouTube?

If your answer is yes, then read on to learn how to promote YouTube videos.

The truth is, It doesn’t matter how much time you put into producing your movies; if you aren’t marketing & promoting your movies, your work won’t ever be viewed by nearly all your target audience. It’s like throwing a huge party without allowing anybody knows.

And that is the time to change it and eventually become among the YouTuber who is seen by everyone.

YouTube video marketing is an art that anyone can learn… with a little discipline.

Within this guide, I have shared strategies and techniques which you could follow to advertise & promote your YouTube videos.

These tips are all tested, recognized, and work for videos from nearly every niche. Think of this post as a checklist you will need to follow once you are done producing your movies.

Best ways to market YouTube videos:

  1. Video Title (Optimize it for clicks)
  2. Video Tags — Use the 500 characters limit
  3. Use a Fantastic thumbnail
  4. Use Intro and outro video for Branding
  5. Promote videos on Social Networking stations
  6. Start a blog for YouTube station
  7. Utilize YouTube Playlist
  8. Use Call to actions
  9. Interview Influencers Inside Your Niche
  10. YouTube’s Creator Academy
  11. Share your latest video with your YouTube community

So without further delay, let’s understand the craft of YouTube video marketing!

I’ve covered all important YouTube advertising techniques in the sub-topics below.

Notice: In coming posts in our YouTube advertisements collection, I’ll explain these sub-topics in detail. If you are a professional YouTuber or intend to become one, you ought to subscribe to our blog upgrades or get our iOS/Android program to stay updated.


The titles of your videos are a major deciding factor between them being broadly seen & shared across the world wide web, or just getting a small number of viewpoints.

It is a fantastic idea to perform proper YouTube keyword research to find what people are looking for and crafting a terrific title around that.

Here Are a Few Tips for writing good video games on YouTube:

  • Keep them short and to the stage.
  • Add the present year if you can (Ex: Best Tips for 2018).
  • Ensure it is attention-grabbing.
  • Contain keywords at the beginning of the title (where possible).
  • Utilize”Power Words” (Ex: Greatest, Awesome, Incredible).
  • Use psychological triggers words (Ex: Sensual, Lonely, Passionate, Censored).
  • Capitalize your headline title. Use this tool to assist you.

2. Video Tags — Use the 500 characters restrict

One of the biggest mistakes that hinder the increase of the YouTube video’s organic advertising is wrong tag utilization.

Tagging in YouTube works differently than it does in a blog article. If you have never paid attention to YouTube tags, now’s a good time to start. You can even go back and edit all of your older tags.

Here are some rules for using YouTube video tags:

  • Utilize a distinctive branded tag so that your videos are shown in videos that are related. Ex: Utilize your brand name in all movies. (See under screenshot.)
  • Use your primary keywords as the movie tag.
  • Use a variant of your keyword for a tag (take aid of this YouTube auto-suggest feature).
  • Find the tags used by high ranking videos & use those on your movie. You may use the TubeBuddy Chrome extension that will help you to find tags employed by other people.

Remember, YouTube video labels are an important variable for the organic position of movies.

3. Utilize A Custom Thumbnail

Verified YouTube accounts are able to take advantage of the custom thumbnail attribute. A good video thumbnail helps you stick out from the related video and proposed video section.

Here are some tips for thumbnails:

  • Take a resolution of 1280 x 720 (with a minimum width of 640 pixels).
  • Upload in .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG.   
  • Try to work with a 16:9 aspect ratio because it’s the most utilized in YouTube players and previews.

I don’t want to confuse you with these technicalities, however it is essential that you know that so which you could craft a thumbnail which operates nicely on laptops in addition to mobile devices.

You are able to use Canva or YouZign to style a thumbnail to get YouTube videos in seconds.

Make sure, you Stick to the Most Recent standard of YouTube thumbnail:


  • Greater than 2 MB in size
  • The aspect ratio of 16:9 works finest
  • Utilize your image in the thumbnail to envoke emotions


4. Utilize Intro and outro video for Branding

There are a few branding things you need to do from now on that can guarantee every video stands outside.


  • YouTube outro: This runs at the end and may be as simple as displaying related videos to your station or requesting users to enjoy & join to videos.


Obtaining a YouTube intro & outro movie is easy, and you can create yourself using Camtasia or you’ll be able to hire somebody out of Fiverr.

This video outro is a example of quality that I obtained from Fiverr (

Have a look at this video and see the outro I have made for me from somebody on Fiverr: (Browse to 3.53 minutes for movie outro)

If you do not have a station logo nevertheless, do get that designed, also.

5. Share Videos On Social Media Stations

If you are a video blogger, then you must have some interpersonal media properties on your YouTube station. This gives you a chance to make a community out YouTube & direct visitors from other popular societal media/social networking stations. These

All these are the sites to promote your YouTube videos:

You may use an instrument like SocialPilot to program videos to be shared in your social media channels.

It is possible to read about SocialPilot here.

One important suggestion here:

  • Always share your movie after a normal period.

I typically share every video at least 10-15 times over eight months after publishing. Additionally, use hashtags when sharing in order that others can easily detect them.

6. Start A Blog For Your YouTube Channel

If you’re a full-time YouTuber, you shouldn’t miss out on developing a blog to the YouTube videos. Today, it is pretty easy to embed YouTube movies on a site & you can start a blog.

I recommend you to make a website using WordPress & use a video-specific WordPress motif. If you’re already making money from Youube, It is better that you utilize Managed WordPress Hosting so that you don’t have to worry about site maintenance.

Bonus Tip: You can also purchase a domain name & redirect it to a YouTube station. This way whenever someone asks you”How can I find you on YouTube?” , simply talk about the domain name. Use this voucher from GoDaddy to buy a domain name for $1.

7. Utilize YouTube Playlist Or Add Video To An Existing Playlist

Even a YouTube playlist is a fantastic way to get more views in your existing videos. Whenever you’re finished uploading a new movie, add this to a playlist (either one you make or the existing one).

If You’re creating a new playlist, follow these measures:

  1. Give a meaningful name to the playlist & have a key word in the name of the playlist.
  2. Group comparable videos into a single playlist.
  3. Just one movie could be listed in more than 1 playlist.

YouTube playlists also appear in search results. As a result, further discovery of your own videos is significantly raised.

Watch this below video to learn about making a Playlist on YouTube:


People on social networking websites have to be told about the activities you want them to choose.

At the conclusion of the movie, or even somewhere in centre, ask viewers to enjoy & subscribe to your station. At the identical time, it is possible to ask them to discuss the movie with other people who might benefit from it.

Most of the prominent YouTubers use”Call to action” technique to amplify their movie achieve using existing subscribers. When you haven’t done this before, start doing it out of your following video onward. You will be surprised to discover by simply requesting to your current readers, the number of shares increases by a excellent extent.

9. Interview Influencers In Your Specialty

This is not a direct YouTube video marketing technique that will enhance your station, and it fits perfectly in the overall strategy of your channel promotion.

Interviewing an influencer gives you an opportunity to get access to a thriving neighborhood in your niche. Not only you will grab the interest of others who follow that particular influencer, you will also get detected by the sector as a whole.

You are able to get the best influencers in your specialty & you’re able to interview them with Google Hangouts, Zoomor Skype. For Skype, you can use a tool like Ecamm call recorder. The free version of Zoom allows video recording of up to 45 minutes, which is what I use these days.

10. YouTube’s Creator Academy

One mistake most of the developing YouTube entrepreneurs make is that they simply concentrate on publishing more movies & quit learning.

YouTube is one of the fastest changing platforms, and it is important for you to learn about all of the existing and emerging hints and suggestions.

You can use Creator Academy from YouTube to learn some expert tips for making the most from your YouTube videos (along with your channel as a whole). As soon as I began studying here, I had been amazed to learn a lot of expansion hacks & hints which I would have otherwise missed.

11. Post to your YouTube neighborhood (Bonus)

YouTube is silently creating a social networking and you’ll be able to promote a movie on YouTube by using the post to community attribute. Just click on the + icon on YouTube net or mobile app, and click on”Create post”.

Now, type the message and link to the video that you would like to market. It is possible to add .gif or images or perhaps run a poll to make it even more engaging. Your neighborhood can enjoy and also comment in your article which is an excellent signal for greater involvement. That is yet, among those untapped free movie promotion technique.

Now, your turn…

Well, these are some very simple marketing strategies & techniques that you may use from now onward to your YouTube videos.

These suggestions and tips will certainly help you get a lot more visitors, and ultimately, more YouTube subscribers.

Now it is your turn to share how you are watching videos on YouTube after you hit the’publish’ button. Let me hear your promotion strategies! I will keep updating this article with each one the best suggestions in the comments section.

If you find any of those listed tips helpful, talk about with your YouTuber friends! And don’t forget to join me on YouTube!


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